Fire Wyrm is a variation of Full Persian. Full Persian, also known as Foxtail is a 6-in-1 weave that produces a substantial round chain. The v’s run in one direction on two opposite sides of the chain and in the other direction on the other two opposite sides. To create Fire Wyrm, orbital rings are woven into each Persian unit to slightly “squish” the Persian Unit into a stunning design.

This bracelet is created from 16 gauge, purple anodized aluminum rings with grey orbital accents. It is 8.25 inches long from clasp end to clasp end to provide a little extra length to allow for its height on the wrist. The bracelet is about 0.75 inch wide and sits almost 0.5 inches high.  It is finished with a shiny gunmetal colored toggle clasp attached with grey 16 gauge rings.

Purple Fire Wyrm: Bracelet