This chainmaille bracelet is done in the Japanese style, called 12 in 2. This weave is timeless and elegant, but it gets its origins from the Japanese kusari (chain armor) worn by the samurai. It is called 12 in 2 because each set of doubled rings has 12 smaller rings running through it. Often, this weave is referred to as Japanese Lace.  Many times, you will see only two rows of Japanese Lace. That pattern is not truly 12 in 2 because there are no sets of rings with 12 smaller rings running through them. In this three-row bracelet, the center row of rings each have 12 smaller rings in each of the pairs of larger rings, making it a true 12 in 2 pattern.

This bracelet has larger rings in the color Myrtle Green and smaller rings in the color Cobalt. This bracelet is created with light-weight, anodized aluminum 16 gauge ¼ inch large rings and 18 gauge 1/8 inch small rings. The bracelet is then finished with a Cobalt S-Clasp. The bracelet measures 7.5 inches from clasp end to ring end and is 1 inch wide.

Japanese Lace 2-color Bracelet