Half Persian 3 in 1 (HP3-1, or simply HP3) is a chain weave with a chevron (^)-shaped cross-section giving it two "faces". This is the basic design of the "unbalanced" Half Persian model. In HP3-1, every ring passes up through 1 ring and down through 2 rings. This is in contrast to balanced Half Persian chains, such as Half Persian 4 in 1, which is the same on the top and bottom and has a rectangular cross-section.

To create this bracelet, two more rows of Half-Persian 3 in 1 have been woven into the base chain to create a sheet with a width of 0.75 inch. This bracelet features anodized aluminum rings in Henna and Cobalt. It is 7.25 and finished with a slide clasp.

Half-Persian 3-in-1 Sheet Bracelet