Without the beads, this would be a simple Full Persian Chain. Full Persian (also called Foxtail) is a 4-sided weave with a hollowed out box shape when complete. This Full-Persian bracelet is broken up with 5 sections of 4-in-2 chain, where every set of two rings has four other rings linked through it. The trick to capturing the beads in it is to have the correct diameter of bead matched with the correct ring diameter and gauge.

This bracelet features 6mm Swarovski® Crystal Pearl beads.  The color of the beads is Iridescent Dark Blue and they have a steel blue look to them. The wire rings are 16 gauge, anodized aluminum, in the color Henna (a redish brown) and hold the pearls snugly while still allowing the bracelet to bend naturally. These rings are NOT soldered closed. Excessive pulling or catching the bracelet on something COULD cause a ring to open and one or more beads to fall out. This should not happen with normal wear.

This bracelet is 8.75 inches long and 0.5 inch in diameter. It is finished with a matching henna S-Clasp.

Full Persian with Captured Swarovski® Crystal Pearls Bracelet