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Without the beads, this would be a simple 4-in-2 chain, where every set of two rings has four other rings linked through it. The trick to capturing the beads is to have the correct diameter of bead matched with the correct ring diameter and gauge.

This bracelet features 6mm beads. The wire rings hold the beads snugly while still allowing the bracelet to bend naturally. These rings are NOT soldered closed. Excessive pulling or catching the bracelet on something COULD cause a ring to open and one or more beads to fall out. This should not happen with normal wear. If you are hard on your jewelry. you should consider the stainless steel variation.

Green aluminum with blue Swarovski® Pearl Beads is 8.5 inches long and finished with an S-Clasp.

Henna aluminum with turquoise plastic beads is 9 inches long and finished with an S-Clasp.

Stainless Steel with blue Swarovski® Pearl Beads is 7.25 inches long and finished with a stainless lobster clasp.

All bracelets are 0.25 inches wide.

4-in-2 Captured Swarovski® Pearl Bracelet

  • This bracelet does not stretch. Please read the lengths of the bracelets in the description. Allow a bit of extra room from your wrist size for the beads.

    Your item will come in a white jewelry box with cotton batting. The box is then sealed in plastic for protection.

    This item is original and hand made. There is only one available. In the rare event that your item arrives damaged, please contact us for help with a return or replacement. Returns for other reasons are accepted, but the buyer will not be reimbursed for the cost of original nor return shipping. Item must return to the seller in the same new condition as time of purchase.

    If you have questions, please contact us before making your purchase.

    Tax (NY) and Shipping

    Shipping is flat rate Priority Mail through USPS.  If you live locally, you may save by selecting free pick-up at check-out. We will contact you to make arrangements. Tax will be collected for all sales within New York State.

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